Who are the Sons of Mary?


We were founded in 1952 in Framingham, MA, USA by Fr. Edward F. Garesche, an American Jesuit who lovingly dedicated us to Our Lady, Health of the Sick.


Our Founder realized that the experience of God's healing love restores people to a wholeness of body, mind and soul bringing us closer to the image of God in whose likeness we were created.



Our missionary work is continuation of the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ through the resoration of wholeness to persons and peoples by their experience of God's healing love.


Ours is the Ministry of Healing. We fulfill this ministry by being a missionary community of prayer and service through our medical, social and catechetical apostolates for the glory and for the heath of God's people.

Ministers of God's Healing Love

As Sons of Mary, we actively promote God;s most precious gift to humankind: that of life itself.

Healing, more than curing, is our priority; and this power to heal comes from our ability to care in imitation of the Divine Physician.

Our ministry is directed to the sick in body and spirit and also to the social illnesses our day - injustice, violence, poverty, hunger and ignorance.

As missionaries, we keep alive the promise of Jesus Christ, that God's Kingdom will come!


We form an Apostolic Community

We believe that God himself, in his great, has called us-

  • to live together, in forgiveness and celebration
  • to love one another
  • to pray, work and hope together
  • The health of our Community can be measured by our awareness of the presence of God, by the equality of our hospitality toward strangers, by the joy and simplicity of our relationships with one another and by your creativity in response to the cry of the poor, who are the waiting for the fruits of our Community of prayer and service.


Prayer for Vocations

Mother Mary, Chief Patroness of Vocations pity the need of Holy Church for a greatly increased number of vocations and plead with Jesus for effective and super-abounding grace that the ranks of the priesthood may be filled with Holy Sheperd of souls and the many religious institutes may abound in able and saintly members.

Send by your prayers, light and strength into the hearts of those young men and women to who God destines a religious or priestly vocation that they may have faith and courage to leave all and follow our Jesus. Gain for us all perfection and perseverance, that through love and labor we may bring many souls with us to eternal glory.

Ask it we beg you through the merits of our Jesus, and yours and those of all God's friends forever. Amen.