12th General Chapter


This September we celebrated our 12th General Chapter, a gathering of representative Brothers to look at the status of our congregation and to make plans for the future. This was also the 45th Anniv. of our first General Chapter held in 1969 following the 2nd Vatican Council and which elected our first Major Coordinator, Brother Francisco Tenega, FMSI, M.D. Before, Father Edward F. Garesche, SJ, our founder was the Superior from 1982 - 1960. At his death, Cardinal Cushing of Boston appointed himself as Superior with Father Charles Decker, SM, a Marist priest, as his delegate until 1969.

 Brother Kevin Courtney, FMSI who was elected Coordinator presided with delegates from the US (Fr. John Coss, FMSI), the Philippines (Bro. Francisco Tanega, FMSI),Honduras (Fr. John Wallace, FMSI) and with consultants/advisers. The chapter consisted of Eucharistic celebration, meetings, community get together to highlight the theme - Salt and Light. Now we have to carry out the mandate of the chapter "if you bestow your bread on the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted, then light shall arise from you in the darkness and the gloom shall become for you like midday (is.58:10).

 We also celebrated our founders 54th death anniversary and the 30th Anniversary of the Philippine Mission.

Bro. Reh Vaszquez, FMSI, prepared and had 5 boys from our Pasay Shelter for streetchildren baptized and confirmed.



Chapter Meetings



Fr. John Murphy, FMSI, former Coordinator turning over to Bro. Kevin Courney, FMSI,  the new Coordinator, the symbol of authority