Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer

       Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, Health of the Sick, Course of our Joy, Queen of Peace, and our most loving Mother, Immaculate and sinless Queen of Heaven and Earth, we beg you with perfect confidence to obtain from our Jesus, for us and for those whom we wish to pray, Health, Happiness and Peace and in the end life everlasting. Gain also for us, who make this seven days prayer in thanks for your seven joys, all our other petitions and particularly those for which we especially pray. (Here mention your intentions). With perfect trust we confide to your motherly care, Ocean of Mercy, Fountain of Love and Healing, ourselves and all dear ones, all the needs of our Mother the Church, our beloved country, and of the whole world and salvation of every soul, now till the end of time. Amen. Truthful God, we believe in You. Faithful God, we hope in You. Lovable God, we love You, and therefore we sorrow foe all sin!

Health of the Sick, pray for us!
Cause of our Joy, pray for us!
Queen of Peace, pray for us!

Imprimi Potest
Edward G. Murray, D.D.
Censor Librorum

Richard J. Cushing, D.D.
Archiepiscopus Bostoniensis
May 20, 1954

   These prayer for your Health, happiness and peace were written by our beloved founder, Fr. Edward F. Garesche, whose life-long ministry was the medical missionary efforts of the Church throughout the world.